All chocolates, baked and cooked good contain only Badatz Ha’eida Hachareidis ingredients. Fruit and veg used, is either Badatz Ha’eida Hachareidis or Badatz She’eiris Yisrael. Fresh orange juice is Badatz Harav Rubin. Regarding Shmitta (5782), we use produce that is either Shishit, Chul or Nochri (and under the above Hechsherim).
All packaged products state the hechsher on the package by the manufacturer.

Due to maternity leave we will not be able to fill mishloach manot orders this year and will be closed for orders from March 6th - May 5th We didn’t want to leave you hanging so we went ahead and secured a 5% discount for you with some of the companies we work with! Try: "THE GIFTERY" https://wa.me/message/MLU42DNCYLY6P1 www.thegifteryisrael.com And: " B&B CREATIONS" Mrs Estee Yarmish 00972547219883 https://wa.me/message/LWXWMUW5NP6MK1 And use our exclusive coupon code: cbPURIM We’re sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you and looking forward to working together in the future, Shanie Tatz and the Chocolate Ball team